Simple, robust and versatile

The design of ThermoTeck roller shutters uses a door curtain that is very compact when rolled and is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. ThermoTeck roller shutters can be installed internally, externally and overhead due to reduced space. Teckentrup roller shutters are suited to all structural conditions.

  • For loading bays
  • Ideal for underground garages
  • Shop front security, e.g. in shopping precincts/centres
  • Optimum integration into existing constructions
  • Compliant with explosion protection standards
  • Suitable for use in confined spaces
  • Outside roller shutters with roller box
  • Special solutions also for oversized dimensions
  • Meet the provisions of EN 13241-1

ThermoTeck Roller Shutters

Cost-effective, robust and simple design

Due to the space-saving roller technology and the hard-wearing roller door curtain, Teckentrup Thermoteck Roller Shutters are particularly suitable for use in high and especially wide door openings that have to withstand harsh conditions. 

Thanks to the flexible design concept, all individual requirements can be met, even in the tightest of spaces. Owing to the optimum cross-sectional dimensions, the special ThermoTeck sections can be wound up very tightly, thus protecting the door surface, saving space and keeping noise levels to a minimum. 

  • Excellent profile choices
  • Robust and attractive design for reliable every day use
  • Flexible roller shutter curtain can yield and spring back
Thermoteck Roller
Thermoteck Insulated Roller Shutter
Thermoteck Insulated Roller Shutter Fo Wide Openings
Thermoteck Insulated Roller Shutter Fo High Openings

"Easy" Roller Shutter System

Simple, practical and secure

The new Teckentrup roller shutter system “easy” is characterised by its simple and robust design. Individual components have been intelligently designed and perfectly harmonised to deliver real added value. 

Time-consuming measuring tasks, e.g. for attaching the console and determining the winding shaft position, are a thing of the past. Furthermore, installation is facilitated thanks to the pre-wired control unit and drive. The required installation time can be reduced by up to 40% in comparison to conventional roller shutter systems. 

2 versions are available, Aluminium ThermoTeck Profile "Easy" and Aluminium Roller Grille ThermoTeck Profile "TG-X Easy".

  • Now also available with pulse control unit!
  • Compact design
  • Save up to 40% installation time
  • Space-saving console for all door sizes
  • Consoles connected to guide rails – no time-consuming measuring and marking required (Teckentrup property rights)
  • Winding shaft position determined automatically
  • High-strength connection system between the shutter curtain and the shaft (Teckentrup property rights)
  • Guide rail system – suitable for all shutter types and sizes
  • Reliable brand-name drive, pre-wired with deadman or pulse control unit
ThermoTeck Easy Roller Shutter Doors
Aluminium Roller Grille ThermoTeck Profile TG-X Easy
ThermoTeck Profile Easy

ThermoTeck High-speed Roller Shutters

High-performance drive with high speed

With its high endurance characteristics and robust design, the high-speed roller door meets the necessary requirements for all areas of use, especially for use as an outside door. At high motor speeds of up to 1.5 metres per second, our high-speed roller doors guarantee high energy efficiency by keeping heat losses to a minimum. The shorter the time a door stands open, the lower the heat losses while the door moves.

  • Frequency converter controller with soft start and soft stop
  • Protects the material and ensures a long service life of the door 
  • Dimensions of up to 8m door width and 9m door height
  • More protection for people and material via series-standard integrated light curtain in protected interior area
  • Maximum opening speed of up to 1.5 m/s
Steel ThermoTeck Profile
Steel ThermoTeck Profile with glazing
Steel ThermoTeck Profile with ventillation grille

ThermoTeck XXL Roller Shutter Door

Individual doors up to 18m wide

Double roller shutters up to 36m wide. With the special guide rail system, the unlocked centre post can be simply pushed to the edge by hand. Both doors are opened and an exit can take place with minimal manoeuvring. Safe is safe: The door can only move when the post is securely locked. This prevents the door from accidentally dropping. Consists of hinge-like profiles pushed into one another made of galvanised steel.

  • Profile made of double-walled steel, Partition 95 mm
  • Surface: galvanised steel or coil coated
  • Double doors can open independent of one another
  • Asymmetric separation possible
  • Separate drives
  • Centre supports with movable buffer insulation
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Industrial ThermoTeck XXL Roller Shutter Door
Steel ThermoTeck Profile
Steel ThermoTeck Profile with glazing
Steel ThermoTeck Profile with ventillation grille

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